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INVESTIGATION: 'Deferred Maintenance' causing concern in the airline industry
Pilots, Mechanics concerned about delayed repairs
05/20/2010 | By: Alan Cohn

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"An ABC Action News investigation is raising questions about the practice used by many airlines to defer or delay maintenance on airliners.

In exclusive interviews, a pilot and mechanic for one of the nation's largest airlines say the public should be concerned about a practice they believe "lowers the margin of safety."

"American has been cited and fined millions of dollars over the last 3-years, more than any other airline, for repeatedly and sometimes inappropriately deferring repairs to its aircraft."

From ABC News Action Investigations

American to Outsource Maintenance to TIMCO;
TIMCO involved in an "Immigration Roundup" in 2005;
Authorities Found Undocumented Workers doing Critical Aircraft Maintenance

Interesting article today regarding American's plan to outsource some of Tulsa's 757 maintenance to TIMCO Aviation Services in Greensboro, NC. Understanding how most American Airlines employees feel about outsourced maintenance, I took the liberty of looking into TIMCO to see exactly what there is to know about them.

Without doing too much investigative work, it appears that American's new maintenance contractor was apparently involved in an illegal immigration roundup in 2005. As the media reported:. (Read more...)